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I'm no longer maintaining the images on this site. Instead, latest pictures and additional categories can be found on my new site at Fairly soon, my various web domains will point there too. Feb 2010.

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meerkat | 'Nature' Exhibition | November 2009

Exhibition: November 2009, Norman Cross Gallery, Peterborough: "Nature"

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* October 2009: Pictures from Nottingham's Hockley Hustle at Escucha, in the Music section *

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Paris, September 2008 Dublin, November 2006 Granada, Spain

Blakeney, Norfolk Brancaster, Norfolk Burnhams, Norfolk Wells, Norfolk


Hockley Hustle, Nottingham, October 2008

Northgate Slide Organiks Trio Pete Johnson The Hot Club

Hockley Hustle, Nottingham, October 2009

Jazz Junction Mandy Tatton Quartet Matt Chandler Band Me & Mr Jones

Squib The Hot Club

Oundle Festival: July 2009: Eduardo Niebla; July 2008: Gwilym Simcock

Eduardo Niebla Gwilym Simcock

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